Welcome to Leipzig

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are proud to host the annual conference of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA) from 29 September until 3 October 2020 at the KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig. It is my pleasure to welcome you to Leipzig – to this unique city! Here, about 850 zoo experts from all over Europe are going to meet and discuss the latest questions of biodiversity, husbandry and species conservation.

During your stay, you can notice that Leipzig is a vibrant city with many traditions and, at the same time, ready for the future. Leipzig is famous for its various cultural highlights like the famous Gewandhaus Orchestra or the St. Thomas’ Choir known across borders. Global players like BMW, Porsche, DHL and many others make our city a place that is growing in resident numbers year by year. Furthermore, the 800-years-old Leipzig Fair makes Leipzig an interesting destination for exhibitors and guests from all over the world.

© KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig

In the KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig, tradition and progress are combined in a unique way. The imposing building opened in 1900, with its changing history, is now home to an ultra-modern conference centre. 15 halls and rooms of varying sizes and styles offer flexible possibilities for a variety of uses, from the Großer Saal, which holds 1,200 people, to the neo-baroque Bach-Saal. Since early 2016, the extensively renovated KONGRESSHALLE has been available for meetings, congresses and events.

Situated right in the heart of Leipzig, immediately next to Zoo Leipzig, the KONGRESSHALLE is very easy to reach. The main railway station, hotels of all categories and the lively city centre are just a few minutes’ walk distance. Numerous restaurants and bars and a bunch of cultural and leisure opportunities offer inviting possibilities for relaxing after an exhausting day at the congress. The team of the Congress Center Leipzig is committed to meet all your requirements. We will work together with our highly efficient network to stage this event in the KONGRESSHALLE precisely as you want it.

Zoo Leipzig stands for a unique concept that includes animal welfare and husbandry, species conservation, education and exciting explorer tours. We are well on the way to becoming a Zoo of the future. Our zoo accommodates about 850 animal species and subspecies and is among the most renowned and most modern zoos in the world. Here you can experience the ape world Pongoland, the only of its kind in the world and Europe’s largest individual population of sloth bears. And with the fascinating tropical experience world Gondwanaland, the size of two football pitches, you can see tropical rain forest right in the middle of Leipzig.

We demonstrate our commitment to species conservation through participation in over 80 European with almost 60 breeding programmes and financial support of over 25 international conservation projects. Thanks to Zoo Leipzig’s participation in reintroduction programmes the Eagle Owl, the Little Owl, the Przewalski’s Horse and the Oryx dammah can now all be found in their natural habitats again.

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© Zoo Leipzig GmbH
© Zoo Leipzig GmbH

We are also managing International Studbooks for Tigers, Anoas and Maned Wolves, as well as European breeding programmes for African Dwarf Crocodiles, White-naped Cranes and Maned Wolves.

We have designed our enclosures according to state-of-the-art animal husbandry and have recreated settings that resemble the natural habitats of those animals in the wild. Concrete, steel and tiles have all been replaced in today’s zoo by extensive Savannah, tree borders and various water bodies. As a next step the theme and animal world South America will be modernized, following the theme worlds Africa, Asia, Pongoland, Founder’s Garden and Gondwanaland.
Our keepers and other staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Please don‘t hesitate to ask and talk to them.

I wish you a successful and beneficial time and a pleasant stay in Leipzig!

Prof Dr Jörg Junhold
Director Zoo Leipzig and President Association of Zoological Gardens